Business Professionals Who Believe in Jesus Christ

Although we are called to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, we are also called to serve others who may not believe what we believe. There is great challenge in this and also great joy when people who believe differently see us as people who actually believe in our faith with passion. In other words, we are authentic.

Giving is the core of who we are. Giving creates a desire to want to continue giving regardless of whether or not there is immediate return. We give through our service, our advice and through our fellowship with others. Of course, we give to our churches and other organizations as well.

In the world, people give in order to get. In our world view, giving is a natural extension of who we are. Jesus promises that believers who give freely of their time, treasure and talents will be rewarded far and above what the world offers. That reward is temporary. His reward is eternal.

Our Goals

Our goals for our brands are all different. But our goals for making a contribution to the body of Christ are similar if not the same. 

God has given us all gifts and talents that we are supposed to use to make the world a better place. Can we make a profit in the process? Yes, of course, we can. 

There is nothing wrong with making a profit as long as the profit does not become God. That is called the world. We are called to live in the world but not be conformed to it, according to the Bible.